KITCHENER -- Standing head-and-shoulders above others, a Guelph snowman is getting a lot of attention.

Bob the snowman is the creation of the Price family, and he's really turning heads.

"The size of it, you don't really get until you are up to it," says neighbour Erin Cartlidge.

The creation is about 10 feet tall, with his interior carved out so kids can climb inside him and see what it's like to be a snowman.

He took a crew of five people more than 14 hours to build him.

"We started off building an igloo, then my son decided he wanted to build a snowman that they could look out the eyes," Ryan Price explains.

"Once we had stared, it was like, 'this is going to be pretty tall,' so we started getting the ladders out, and yeah, it got to be this size."

The Price family hopes the snowman, with his stick nose, will last until next week so that kids who want to climb to the top get to do so.

"It's pretty awesome, it's pure joy," Price says.

"It doesn't matter how old or young people are, their faces light up in the same kind of way. It's the surprise and it's just something innocent about it."

The family has asked for their exact address not to be given, but did allow that they live on Glasgow Street North in Guelph.