CAMBRIDGE -- A fence is being built around a Cambridge homeless shelter to keep the area safe from unwanted trespassers.

Both the city and The Bridges are working on the project near the shelter on Simcoe Street.

The heavy duty iron fence won't wrap around the entire building, just near the forested areas on both sides of the building.

The plan includes putting up about 110 metres of fencing along Market Street to Simcoe Street. It will also run on Simcoe Street to Roseview Avenue.

City councillor Jan Liggett says the fence would help solve some of the issues that both The Bridges and nearby homes have been facing for more than a year.

"This is the only thing we are able to do to keep the neighbourhood safe and clear out some of the people that do congregate around here. They're not the people that live in The Bridges. They're people who come here and just hang around. A lot of them are criminals living amongst the regular homeless," Liggett says.

It will cost about $20,000, including installation.

Construction is likely to start in the spring.