A group of nine co-workers in Guelph are $60 million richer.

The group accepted their cheque from OLG this morning in Toronto.

According to a release, the nine winners work on the same line on the same shift at an auto parts manufacturer in Guelph. 

Two of the winners are from Kitchener, the others are from Guelph.

  • Ala Hirmiz, Kitchener
  • Fernando Meneses, Guelph
  • Bassam Adbi, Kitchener
  • Ella Nicole Cabrera, Guelph
  • Mercedes Granadino, Guelph
  • Mussie Kelete, Guelph
  • Sampath Pathiraja Mudiyansel, Guelph
  • Steven Rush, Guelph
  • Tariku Birru, Guelph

“We’re a very close line,” said winner Ala Himiz.

“We always talk and joke and celebrate each other’s’ birthdays, and now we get to celebrate this unbelievable win together!” he said.

The team found out they won the prize after a ‘team meeting’ on Sunday.

“When a team meeting was called on a Sunday, I was a bit curious, I was very glad that the meeting didn’t end being about work,” said Steven Rush. “My mind was blown, it’s just so overwhelming!”

For 2 of the winning members, the winning ticket was their first time joining the group play.

New cars, a new home and trip to Disneyland is on the list of first purchases.