KITCHENER -- After a busy but penalty-free Victoria Day weekend, three more charges have been laid for people not following the province's emergency orders.

Municipal by-law officers in Waterloo handed out the charges between May 20 and May 27.

During a Wednesday media briefing, Chief Administrative Officer Mike Murray said that the charges were all given at private residences where more than five people were gathered.

Under the province's emergency orders, which were extended until June 9 on Wednesday, people are not allowed to gather in groups of over five unless they're part of the same household.

Murray said that these tickets are typically given to one person who was responsible for the infraction. In these cases, that would mean either the tenant or the property owner who facilitated the gathering.

The fine comes with a $750 price tag.

A total of 15 charges have been laid for not complying with the province's emergency orders.

These range from non-essential businesses staying open to people using closed basketball courts.

Over the past week, Murray said that there were a total of 156 site visits where people were educated on the orders or warnings were given.

Three hundred site visits required no action. In these cases, either people were in compliance, or the issues were resolved by the time compliance officers arrived.

The site visits are conducted by regional and municipal by-law officers, public health inspectors and police officers.

There are currently 1,095 cases of COVID-19 confirmed in Waterloo Region. That number includes 775 resolved cases and 113 deaths.