After spending several months apart, Denise Bourdeau made up with David Thomas hours before she disappeared, a friend of hers testified Tuesday.

David Heath told the court about events on the night of Dec. 31, 2006, and early morning of Jan. 1, 2007 – the last time Bourdeau was seen alive.

Thomas is accused of killing her at some point after the common law couple left a New Year’s party at a Waterloo restaurant.

He has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder.

Heath testified that he too was at the party, and that Thomas arrived looking for Bourdeau, as the two had been living apart for some time.

Court heard that they slow-danced to ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’ before leaving the restaurant together.

Four months later, Bourdeau’s badly decomposed body was found along the banks of the Grand River.

Also on Tuesday, court heard from Nancy Cossaboom, a former coworker of Bourdeau’s.

The two first met in January 2006, although Bourdeau left the job not long after.

That May, she showed up unexpectedly on Cossaboom’s doorstep.

“I saw her crying, bleeding, shaking,” Cossaboom said in court.

“She said ‘He was hitting me again.’ I said ‘Who?’ She said ‘Dave.’”

When Bourdeau arrived at Cossaboom’s home, the former coworker testified, she was crying while blood covered part of her face and shirt.

Cossaboom said her first instinct was to call police, but she was talked out of it by Bourdeau – who said she didn’t want Thomas to be sent back to prison.

She took Cossaboom in that night, she told the court – and when they went back to Thomas’ apartment the next day, they found four garbage bags containing Bourdeau’s belongings in the garbage.

Bourdeau then spent a second night at Cossaboom’s apartment.

The following day, she said, she discovered Bourdeau on the phone with Thomas.

“I asked her ‘Why did you call him? You need to stay away; it’s too dangerous,’” she testified.

“She said ‘But I still love him.’”

After a few more days, Bourdeau left Cossaboom’s apartment for good.

The two women would meet several more times – the final time being in the fall of 2006.

On that occasion, Cossaboom testified, Bourdeau said she had left Thomas, was seeing another man and was the happiest she had been for some time.

The trial continues Wednesday, with Heath again on the stand.