When police started searching a vehicle belonging to David Thomas, they “immediately” noticed blood stains on its floor, a retired forensic investigator said Wednesday.

The investigator was testifying at the second-degree murder trial of Thomas, who is accused of killing his common law partner, Denise Bourdeau, in 2007.

Earlier in the trial, Crown prosecutor Karey Katzch told jurors Bourdeau’s blood and hair were found in the vehicle – and that Thomas attempted to hide the car from police.

The forensic investigator also identified a letter written from Bourdeau to Thomas in 2005, and found in Thomas’ apartment after her death.

“My heart is yours, do with it what you will,” the letter read.

The Crown has said the relationship between the two was marked by alcohol and violence, with Thomas frequently attacking Bourdeau.

In one case, Katzch said, he choked Bourdeau unconscious while screaming “I want you dead; I want you dead; I want you dead.”

It’s alleged that Thomas killed Bourdeau after the two left a New Year’s party together.

Bourdeau’s remains were found in the Grand River four months later, badly decomposed.

The trial, which is expected to last for two months and hear from approximately 30 witnesses, continues Thursday.