Police have confirmed that THC has been found in contaminated candy at the Cambridge Fall Fair.

Authorities say one adult and two children from Waterloo Region were hospitalized from the candy on Sept. 8. The unrelated trio were treated and later released.

"We have received several reports after that [regarding the candies]," said Cnst. Ashley Dietrich of WRPS. "We've verified nine bags were sold at the fair."

The vendor selling the candy turned it all over to the police. The authorities add there was no criminality on part of the vendor.

The candy was reportedly bought from an auction in Toronto, believed to be regular candy, repackaged, and sold at the fair.

Police are investigating to find the original source of the THC.

The candy is described as red and blue, shaped like a round berry, and with a layer of sugary coating, They were sold in clear plastic packaging with roughly 25-30 pieces in each.

Anyone who purchased candies matching the description give are warned not to cosume them and contact police.

THC is a component in cannabis responsible for intoxicating and psychoactive effects that creates a high.

Edible cannabis products will become legal in Canada next month.

Karen Haughey of Region of Waterloo Public Health says to be aware of the possible side effects.

"Sudden onset of sleepiness or unresponsiveness," she said. "loss of muscle tone, control, or coordiation, and dialated pupils.

"When it's not in use it should be locked up to make sure kids don't see you using the product."