KITCHENER -- Food Fund, a sustainable food business that started in London, has experienced an increase in demand and has made their way to Waterloo Region.

“To think that 58 per cent of food in Canada that’s produced never gets eaten is kind of startling,” said Divy Ojah, founder of Food Fund. “We just wanted to connect the gap between producers and distributers and the people that were doing the shopping.”

Ojah came up with the idea for Food Fund three years ago while he was attending Western University.

He says what was once a research project has since blossomed into a thriving business that connects local producers and greenhouses.

Food Fund takes recovered, imperfect, or excess produce that may otherwise be discarded and puts together subscription boxes that are shipped right to customers’ front doors.

Saturday marks the first weekend of deliveries being available in Waterloo Region.

“You can think about Food Fund as your investment towards yielding a return not only for what you and your family eat but also the environment, stakeholders like farmers, and other growers,” said Ojah.

Karla Moyer says she loves the idea that her family can customize the size of the box as well as support local producers during the pandemic.

“I think a program like this gives jobs to the community and also gives the ability for local farmers and all of the individuals locally to be able to be supported,” she said.

Extra produce that Food Fund has left over gets donated to the Salvation Army and local food banks.