The 20-year-old pilot of a fatal plane crash that killed everyone on board was a licensed pilot who had dreams of fighting forest fires.

Toronto-resident Marko Misic was piloting the Cessna 172 on Friday when it crashed near Moorefield, Ont., about 150 kilometres northwest of Toronto.

Provincial police identified Misic and the three other young victims of the crash on Sunday. All were from the Greater Toronto area and all were Bombardier interns.

Passengers Mohammed Shahnawaz Zia, 23, Wasay Rizwan, 27 and Victoria Margaret Luk, 19, all died after the small plane crashed in a cornfield.

Tony Misic told CTV Toronto that his brother always loved airplanes.

“Anything with airplanes he would do. He would study. At 13 he was telling me what plane was flying up in the sky,” Tony Misic said.

“All the models… he knew everything.”

Tony said his whole family is still struggling to accept the young boy’s death.

“He's like half me. I can't really imagine living without him right now. It's going to hit me in a while I already know that,” he said.

Marko joined the air cadets at the age of 12 and by 16 had received his first flying licence. By the age of 19, he got his commercial licence.

The young pilot had even won an award from WestJet for his flight training.

In a thank you letter he sent to the company, Marko said he’d like to become a Canadair pilot and fight forest fires.

“The idea is to make a difference to the nature and people of this planet that we live on,” wrote Marko.

The young pilot’s friends said Marko impressed them with all of his accomplishments.

“He always seemed very determined and very courageous and brave,” said friend Alex Rozanec. “And it just seemed like he would stop at absolutely nothing to get what he wanted.”