As threats of violence against Waterloo Region’s schools continue to be made, police and education leaders are asking parents to talk to their children.

A letter was sent to parents Monday from Waterloo Regional Police Chief Bryan Larkin and Waterloo Region District School Board director of education John Bryant.

In the letter, Larkin and Bryant urged parents to report any information about threats against schools to the proper authorities and to talk to their children about the impact such threats can have on school communities.

“Students should be reminded that inappropriate behaviour will not be taken lightly and a school disciplinary and criminal response will be taken,” the letter reads.

There have been several threats against public high schools in Waterloo Region over the past month, typically involving claims of impending shootings or bombings.

Police say they have “no reason to believe that any of these threats are credible,” but will continue to treat them all as legitimate.

“No matter the intention, we take any intimidation or threat of violence seriously and the authors of these threats need to understand that they will be held accountable,” the letter reads.

Consequences for making threats against schools can include suspension or expulsion, as well as criminal charges.