A Guelph womansays she lost everything after a fire destroyed her apartment last Thursday.

The fire, at a building on Baker and Quebec Streets, all started with a cooking mishap.

Gina Davis says she was cooking on the stove and thought she had turned it off when she went for a walk with her dog.

"In 20 minutes our lives completely changed and turned upside down.”

Fire officials put the flames out before there were any serious injuries.

At least one person was treated for smoke inhalation by paramedics.

"I see the smoke coming out and I see her being taken away by an ambulance and the guilt is incredible,” says Davis. “It was an accident, but an accident that I caused."

Davis does not have insurance and says all she is left with is a purse, the clothes on her back and her dog Jax.

Red Cross did assist Davis and two other victims for 72 hours following the fire.

Social services took over for Davis after that period.

"We also plan to connect Gina with the Rapid Rehousing Worker at The Drop In Centre to assist with locating a unit as soon as possible," a statement reads in part from the County of Wellington.

Davis says her only income is Ontario Works and is hoping for community support until she's able to get back on her feet.

Social services says Davis has been living at the Days Inn in Guelph and that her stay has been extended until Tuesday.

Every Monday they will reassess and if Davis still doesn't have a place, they can extend her stay for another week.