KITCHENER -- A local charity has seen an increase in volunteers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Food4Kids Waterloo Region says it's seen an uptick in drivers and packers since the pandemic began. All the shifts are full for the rest of the summer.

The organization has around 50 drivers helping to deliver to 84 families every day while school is out. Food4Kids has 750 volunteers, many of whom are teachers.

"There's an ongoing need in our city, in our society," volunteer Harley Forden said. "It's got to be done."

While the group has plenty of volunteers, it says food and money donations are always welcome.

Food4Kids was founded in 2016 to help bridge the food security gap for kids on weekends and school breaks.

According to their website, in 2019-2020 the organization provided food for more than 570 children in the region.