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‘It’s not just a sport, it’s a family’: Alumni Field hosts flag football championships


University flag football players from across Ontario came together to vie for the title as Laurier University hosted the Ontario Women’s Intercollegiate Football Association championship weekend.

The 11v11 contact flag football finale featured two days of playoff action at Alumni Field, featuring teams from Laurier University, Laurier University Brantford, Guelph University, McMaster University, Queens University, Western University, the University of Toronto, and York University.

More than a sport

Despite fierce competition on the field, some players said the weekend was about far more than just taking home a trophy.

“It’s amazing to see women’s sports growing,” Laurier University Brantford player Aqsa Sidhu said.

“It’s amazing to see flag football and women growing as a unit. Yes, we’re all playing against each other, but we all know we’re playing for the same cause. It’s absolutely beautiful to see everyone out here putting their heart on the line and on the field for their team,” Sidhu said.

For fellow Laurier University Brantford player, and newcomer to the sport, Nia Maidens, flag football offered a newfound sense of community.

“I think it’s beautiful, especially for someone who’s never played flag football, never understood the game. Being my first year, especially with such a supportive team and coaches, it’s amazing. It’s such a welcoming committee and group and it’s honestly beautiful to see how fast it’s grown and I can’t wait to see where it goes,” Maidens told CTV News.

“It’s not just a sport, it’s a family,” Sidhu said.

“You’ll learn that very quickly when you join. It is more than just football. It’s about everything we do on and off the field, not only for your teammates and your sisters out there, but for women in general and sports and growing [the sport] and getting recognized for all the hard work and the effort and knowing that we can play at just as high a level as any man could.”

Despite a tough 16 – 3 loss to Queens University, the women from Laurier University Brantford still had smiles on their faces Sunday afternoon, and encouraged more people to try out the sport.

“I gave it a chance, and they’re right, I love it,” Laurier University Brantford player Grace Perdomo said.

“I love these girls. Everybody was just so welcoming. How could you hate it?”

Final game

The final game came down the Western University and Queens University.

Ultimately, the Western University Mustangs defended their championship title, and hoisted the cup Sunday afternoon. Top Stories

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