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CTV consistently has more top 10 television shows than any other broadcaster!

Imagine YOUR product or service being advertised during some of these top rated television shows in North America! It's not as hard as you may think.

So, why advertise?

Ask yourself, "if I'm not advertising how will people know who I am or what I sell; why will anyone buy my product instead of my competitor's product?" The objective of all advertising is simple: to generate more potential sales for your business. So, why advertise?

  • Awareness: Studies show that when you're advertising, awareness for your product or service increase.
  • Image: Consumers tend to do business with companies they know and like. Build an image within your community and bring your product or service into the lives and homes of your potential clients.
  • Differentiation: Your unique flare is what distinguishes you from your competitor. Use it to your advantage when advertising.

Television offers you a powerful means to advertise. Its communication benefits are the closest thing to our most effective means of making a sale: a face-to-face conversation.

Producing Your Commercial

CTV offers a complete in-house video production service.

  • We are led by an award-winning full-time staff of Creative Writers/Producers.
  • An individual writer/producer is assigned to your account and will work closely with you in writing the script and producing your commercial.

Commercial production services include:

  • developing the script
  • videotaping at your business or in our studio
  • graphics and artwork
  • a professional voice over
  • music and sound effects
  • post production editing

Employing CTV's Creative Services team to produce your commercial is the most effective and most economical way to get your commercial campaign started.

For more information on how to start planning your campaign and the types of sponsorships and advertisements available, please contact our CTV Southwest Ontario sales team:

Gavin Mortimer | General Sales Manager, Radio and TV – Southwest Ontario


Mobile: 416.802.0507