KITCHENER -- Without a healthy supply of personal protective equipment like gloves, gowns and masks, doctors working at some local clinics might have to stay home.

Dr. Darryl Milne works at Waterloo Walk-In Clinic. He says a shortage limits the number of patients he can see and how long he can work.

"Once we have the masks on, we try to leave it on all day," he says.

"We're not supposed to touch our face at all, so the mask stays on. The gloves we try to change after every patient."

The clinic's medical director, Dr. Rex Mohamed, says he's made several appeals for donations.

He says they've reached out to everyone from regional council to the Kitchener hospitals, but even they are in need.

Both hospitals are willing to accept donations.

"Hand sanitizer and masks are of greatest need at this time," the hospitals said Wednesday in a joint statement.

"N-95 respirator masks, surgical masks and procedural masks will be considered."

Not every mask fits the same.

Before the Waterloo Walk-In Clinic can accept a donation, it has to be verified.

"It has to come from a very fine source," Dr. Mohamed says.

"It has never happened like I said, so if somebody was to bring it in or somebody was to offer us, we have to go through the Region of Waterloo Public Health or the team we have on-site."

The hospital says anyone willing to donate must first contact them by email.

They ask that generous people not drop off supplies without coordination in order to maintain social distancing.

You can coordinate donations and drop-offs with St. Mary's General Hospital at or with Grand River Hospital at