Threats of a strike at the LCBO have people thinking local.

Dixon's Distilled Spirits, based in Guelph, creates everything from vodkaandgin, to moonshine and whiskey.

What makes the distillery different is their focus on artisanal, small-batch spirits and beverages.

Jeremie Dixon, the presidentof the company, says they wanted to bring small-scale distilling back to the area.

"We wanted to do something different and unique. We wanted to do something in our community. We also wanted to bring distilling back to Canada. There's not a lot of craft distillers. A lot of it is owned by the big distillers. And very few craft distillers out there. But we can bring a lot of good," Dixon said.

Their latest offering is Dixon's Gin Fusion Cooler.

Unlike other coolers,the distillery uses its award-winning gin to make the cooler, and also sources ingredients from local farmers.

The company’s coolers are available at the LCBO as well as their store in Guelph.