Guelph City Council has passed it's 2019 operating budget.

Councillors agreed on an increase of 2.69 per cent over last year’s budget, for a total operating cost of $244,126,832.

The operating budget supports services such as waste collection, emergency services, road maintenance as well as libraries, public health and affordable housing.

Council approved $330,000 to budget the affordable housing reserve project.

An additional $500,000 will go to implement changes recommended in a transit service review.

In a release Guelph’s deputy Chief Administrative Officer says this is a budget that can meet the city’s needs.

“Council’s approval of these budgets reflects what we heard from the community—the need to maintain quality programs and services, reduce crime, support Guelph-Wellington Paramedic Services, and care for the most vulnerable in our society,” said Trevor Lee, deputy CAO, Corporate Services.