The Glenn Bauman double-murder trial is now in its final stages.

The jury heard closing arguments Monday, with the Crown and the defence offering completely different versions of what happened to Bauman’s common-law wife and her teenage daughter.

The defence presented their closing argument first, maintaining that Bauman is innocent and arguing that Linda and Cheyenne Daniel are both still alive.

While the jury had heard that a finger bone was discovered on the property that the trio lived at in Wellesley Township, Bauman’s lawyer reminded jurors that experts could not identify who the bone belonged to.

“Who owned the bone? Based on evidence, we don’t know,” he told the jury.

Court had also heard that Bauman moved to Valleyview, Alta., where police conducted a four-month undercover sting.

“At no time did Glenn Bauman say a single thing that incriminated him in the murder of Linda and Cheyenne,” the defence told the jury Monday.

The defence then asked the jury to consider witnesses who said that Linda wanted to leave Bauman, pointing to Cheyenne’s friend who testified that she had received a call from Cheyenne after she and her mother vanished.

“The only reasonable and rational conclusion is that they left and are alive,” the defence argues.

Linda and Cheyenne Daniel

It’s alleged that Bauman burned the bodies in barrels at the Wellesley Township home. The Crown repeated during her close, “One barrel per body.”

The Crown also reminded jurors of recordings where Bauman plotted to kill a police offer who was posing as a private investigator looking into the Daniels’ disappearance, and spoke about burning his body.

“Bauman was willing to kill to keep his secret,” the Crown told the jury.

With closing arguments done, the judge is giving his instructions to the jury on what they need to consider when they deliberate.

Those deliberations are set to begin on Tuesday afternoon.