KITCHENER -- A woman in Guelph was a victim of a Bitcoin fraud scheme that duped her out of $9,500.

Police say she got a call on March 16 from a number identifying as Service Canada.

The male caller said that the woman's Social Insurance Number had been compromised, and that there were allegations of drug trafficking and money laundering using her bank account.

He said he would speak with the local police.

The victim then received a call from a number identifying as "Kitchener RCMP."

The caller identified himself as a police officer, said he knew she was the victim and that she should do whatever Service Canada asked her to do.

The victim was told that, in order to solve the problem, she would need to drain her bank account and deposit into a Bitcoin machine inside a store near Gordon Street and Wellington Street East.

The victim withdrew all her money—$9,500—and deposited it into the machine.

An employee from the store told the woman she was likely scammed, and she reported the incident to Guelph police.

A Bitcoin machine in the same area was used by scammers earlier this month, too.

In that case, the victim lost $19,000 under very similar circumstances.

Guelph police are reminding the public that they will never contact someone to buy Bitcoin or gift cards or to send money.