KITCHENER -- Earlier this week, the Ontario government unveiled a new, tiered system it'll use to decide on COVID-19 restrictions for the province's public health units.

When it was unveiled, Waterloo Region was shown in the green "prevent" category, which means that the local situation would remain mostly unchanged.

But the area's top doctor suggested that Waterloo Region could be bound for the province's yellow "protect" tier under the new restriction system.

Dr. Hsiu-Li Wang said Wednesday that some of the region's indicators have been getting worse.

"There are indicators, especially in the last several days, when our number of new cases per day has increased to what are more in line with those under the yellow 'protect' category," she said.

That tier change would lead to a number of increased restrictions in the region, ranging from how many people can dine at one table together to changes in gyms and fitness studios.


In addition to restrictions already in place, restaurants and bars would have to limit their operating hours, closing at midnight.

Patrons would be limited to six per table, and the volume of music would have to be low enough that people can converse at a normal volume.

Liquor consumption would only be allowed from 9 a.m. until midnight.

Similar restrictions would be in effect for meeting and event spaces, bingo halls and cinemas.


Sport and recreational facilities would have to increase the distance between patrons from two to three metres if there are weights, machines or fitness classes.

Recreational programs would be limited to 10 people per room indoors, and people would need to have an appointment to enter.

See a detailed break-down of the province's new system below: