KITCHENER -- Region of Waterloo's top doctor is warning regional staff that the area could be moved into the yellow Protect level of Ontario's new COVID-19 restrictions.

The provincial government released the new guidelines on Tuesday, with levels ranging from Prevent to Lockdown. Waterloo Region was listed in the green level, but those lists were based on data from the week prior.

Dr. Hsiu-Li Wang said the number of new cases in the region is likely more in line with the yellow category.

"There are indicators, especially in the last several days, when our number of new cases per day has increased to what are more in line with those under the yellow protect category," she said.

The yellow category means more restrictions, including limiting the number of people to a table in a restaurant to six. There is also increased enforcement at that level.

The province is expected to release a finalized list of restriction levels on Friday.