KITCHENER -- Nigerians living in Waterloo Region came together for a peaceful demonstration in solidarity with the movement to end police brutality in Nigeria.

The group assembled in Waterloo Public Square Monday afternoon follow recent protests across Nigeria against the country’s Special Anti Robbery Squad, commonly called SARS.

“What do we want? End SARS,” the demonstration chanted.

The controversial police unit is accused of extrajudicial killings and abuse.

“Today is Thanksgiving and we are giving thanks, because yes we are happy with Canada, but we can’t forget about the young people on the streets who have no hope and no future, who are getting killed by the police,” said Uche Onuora, a member of Nigerians in Region of Waterloo. “The least we can do is take a few hours out of our day to pay solidarity to their plight.”

Nigeria’s government has now promised to disband SARS, but protestors say it’s not enough, and are demanding a total overhaul of policing in Nigeria.