Voting issues in Wellesley and Woolwich have led to extended voting periods for the townships.

On Oct. 22, election day, several municipalities had issues with their voting systems.

As a result, voting was extended until 8:00 p.m. on Oct. 23 in both places.

“The Online Voting System provider began working quickly to restore access to the system and the system begun accepting ballots again but very slowly. The system stopped accepting ballots again at 6:33 [sic],” a Woolwich media release read.

Extended stations in Woolwich were located as follows:

  • Woolwich Municipal Office - 24 Church Street West, Elmira
  • Woolwich Memorial Centre - 24 Snyder Avenue South, Elmira
  • Breslau Community Centre - 100 Andover Drive, Breslau
  • St. Jacobs Fire Station - 3 Water Street, St. Jacobs

Wellesley meanwhile opened the doors of its administration building at 4639 Lobsinger Line to help voters.

The City of Cambridge also extended its voting until later on Oct. 22, however winners were declared winners before midnight.

Wellesley and Woolwich both vote for regional chair, and thus the results were suspended from the rest of the municipalities to preserve the integrity of the election.