Protesters are on the move again to keep the tent city demonstration going.

The annual protest began on July 18 this year.

It aims to bring awareness to homelessness and a lack of affordable housing in the region.

“We really need to stop building new lofts downtown and perhaps build something a bit more affordable for people,” said Kyle Waal, a participant in the movement.

It began in Victoria Park in Kitchener, and was there for nearly a week before by-law enforcement officers set a deadline of July 25 at 1:00 p.m. to move.

From there, the demonstration boldly moved outside of regional headquarters on Weber Street.

There was a short stint at Speaker's Corner in Kitchener following that eviction.

The movement then occupied Sandhills Park in the block of Cedar Street South, Courtland Avenue East and Peter Street.

A stabbing occurred in the park in the early hours the following morning.

Two people were involved in an altercation that became physical, police said.

“The stabbing that happened last night is very similar to the violence that people face all the time in shelters, the violence that people face sleeping on the streets,” said organizer Julian Ichim after it happened.

Tent city moved behind the old leather factory on Mill and Madison Streets, and will now be moving to another location on Mill Street.

“It’s very frustrating, especially for the people who have their livelihood and their whole possessions, everything they own in a backpack,” Ichim said.

Organizers have said that over 100 people have participated in tent city.

It’s not clear how long tent city will continue this year.