KITCHENER -- The pastor at Trinity Bible Chapel says the church will hold a parking lot service this Sunday.

Last weekend, the church defied lockdown orders and hosted in-person services with hundreds of people in attendance. Under lockdown rules, church services can have a maximum of 10 people.

Church elders, including Pastor Jacob Reaume, are facing charges from the Region of Waterloo.

"Officials will likely be watching, and they will not permit us to exit our vehicles," a blog post from the church said in part. "But I promise you that you will hear a message of hope. You are warmly invited to attend."

Officials have handed out three sets of charges to the church since the province-wide lockdown came into effect on Boxing Day.

Two church community members have also been charged for attending Sunday's services.

The church appeared in court for a contempt of court hearing on Wednesday. The judge made an oral finding of guilt, with a written reasoning to follow.

The church's lawyer said Wednesday the church will suspend in-person services for the duration of the lockdown.