KITCHENER -- A trial is underway for a Kitchener man charged with first-degree murder in 2017.

Mohammed Younus is accused of killing Shamsul Alamshah on Aug. 27, 2017.

Friends of the victim said Younus and Alamshah were brothers. Alamshah was found stabbed outside of Younus' home on Mooregate Crescent in Kitchener.

An agreed statement of facts showed Younus loaned Alamshah $20,000 in 2014 and demanded that money back in 2017 out of anger towards his brother. The statement said Alamshah went to drop off the money and an argument started and Younus followed Alamshah out of the house with a knife. Alamshah was stabbed four times, including one time in his chest, killing him.

The agreed statement of facts showed Younus' actions towards Alamshah resulted in his death. The trial is determining whether he will be found guilty of first-degree murder, second-degree murder or manslaughter.

Tuesday's court proceedings were delayed because Younus, who is Rohingya, needed an interpreter. However, one of the interpreters booked for the trial cancelled at the last minute.

The trial was delayed in October due to interpreter issues amid the pandemic.

The victim's wife took the stand on Tuesday afternoon. Her testimony will continue on Wednesday.

The trial is scheduled to last for 14 days.