KITCHENER -- Six tornadoes have been confirmed by the Northern Tornadoes Project (NTP) out of Western University in London, including one near Stratford.

An EF1 tornado caused damage to a farm and trees in Gads Hill with a max wind gust of 150km/h, a path length of 4.2 kilometers and width of 400 metres.

The NTP survey team also found EF0 downburst damage south of Stratford with a path length of 18 kilometres and max winds of 115km/h. An EF0 downburst was also confirmed in the Palmerston – Arthur area. That downburst had a path length of 53 kilometres and max wind of 120 km/h.

The NTP also confirmed an EF1 tornado in Beachville, near Woodstock from the July 19 storms. The EF1 damage was done to trees, with max winds of 150 km/h.

The first two tornadoes to be confirmed by the NTP were in Belmont and Lucan areas.

An EF0 tornado moved through the Belmont area with a path length of 9.3 kilometres and max wind of 125 km/h. This is the second tornado to hit this area in less than a month; the first one was on June 10.

North of the community of Lucan, an EF1 tornado was confirmed with a path length of 2.4 kilometres and max winds of 135 km/h, causing significant damage to grain bins and a farm elevator.

In addition to the tornadoes and downbursts identified, a waterspout was verified over Lake Huron off the shore of Bright’s Grove. There was no evidence of damage, so it was given a rating of EF0-Default.

The NTP team said in a tweet that they will be surveying damage on Wednesday in the Thedford area.

Wednesday afternoon the NTP added another tornado and downburst to the list. An EF1 tornado moved through the Blyth area with 135 km/h winds and a path length of 6.7 kilometres. An EF0 downburst was also confirmed in the Brussels/Cranbrook area.

The latest tornado to be confirmed is an EF1 in the Lambton Shores area. It had a max wind speed of 155 km/h, a path length of 15.4 kilometres and a width of 200 metres. The NTP also said in a tweet that no further ground surveys are planned for the July 19 event.