A vehicle crashed into a house in Kitchener’s Country Hills neighbourhood Monday morning.

The collision brought police officers and firefighters to Fallowfield Drive, near Block Line Road, around 8:30 a.m.

At the scene, an SUV was seen having hit the exterior of a townhouse on Fallowfield.

SUV into townhouse

Nobody inside the townhouse was hurt, and neither was the 33-year-old woman driving the SUV.

According to Waterloo Regional Police, she had pressed down hard on the gas pedal instead of the break during a moment of panic after hitting a bush and crossing over to the wrong side of the road.

As a result, she was charged with careless driving.

The SUV was left alone through the morning and into the afternoon, due to concerns that moving it could cause parts of the townhouse to collapse.

A structural engineer was expected to arrive at the site Monday afternoon to help determine the extent of the damage.

With reporting by Leena Latafat