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Speedbumps proposed for stretch of Saginaw Parkway in Cambridge


A stretch of Saginaw Parkway in Cambridge could soon have more measures to slow down traffic.

Ward 8 Councillor Nicholas Ermeta is proposing speed bumps be put on the road that passes multiple schools.

“We will have a few speed cameras as well in some of the zones. But I believe it's going to take more than that because it's a major issue on the street. There are five schools and there are two community parks,” Ermeta said.

The idea is to put two speed bumps between Cowan Boulevard and Chamberlin Drive, easing traffic out front Clemens Mill Public School and St. Margaret of Scotland Catholic Elementary School.

Two more speed bumps would go between Burnett Avenue and Granite Hill Road, essentially servicing St. Teresa of Calcutta Catholic Elementary School and Saginaw Public School.

“I believe the speed bumps are needed. I believe major surgery is going to be required to fix this problem. It's going to take a number of things. And speed bumps are part of the solution,” Ermeta said.

The speed limit is already 40 km/h and two automated speed enforcement cameras are expected to be installed along Saginaw Parkway. Ermeta said he hears reports of bad driving from local residents all the time.

“They report a quiet regularity. They're having cars going through a stop signs or having cars entering people's front yard,” Ermeta said.

One person that lives nearby said it's needed for the drivers at night.

“At night we see sometimes people speeding betwee all of the stop signs just to get to the other side as fast as possible,” said Yashodhan Athavale, who lives nearby.

Athavale just hopes if the speed bumps are approved, they will be spaced out enough and are wide enough to make an impact.

“The speed bumps could be as wide as possible, not the narrow one. So it sort of doesn't impede the flow,” Athavale said.

According to the motion, all capital costs would be taken out of the Capital Works Reserve Fund and staff would be directed to look for donations and sponsorships to replenish the fund.

“Approximately $12,000 per speed bump. I believe that it's achievable and that we can get the money from reserves in the interim,” Ermeta said.

“We can't put a price on the life, and community safety is important. I want to help address the resident concerns,” Ermeta said.

Ermeta is expected to present the motion at city council Tuesday but the idea won’t be discussed by councillors until their following meeting on July 16. Top Stories

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