Lisa Quick was watching TV with her sister around 1:30 a.m. Saturday when she noticed something unusual in the backyard of her Cambridge home.

“It was just pure flames, and bright … everywhere.”

Her shed and part of her tree were on fire.

Fire crews were called to Quick’s home, but it turned out they also had another fire to deal with on Myers Road near Lisbon Pines Drive.

Glenn Oliveria, who lives a few doors down from Quick, discovered his SUV in flames around the same time.

“By the time I came out I saw fire trucks just flying up the street [to Quick’s house],” he says.

Quick says she can’t stop thinking about what could have happened if she hadn’t noticed the flames.

“If we were all sleeping it would have caught, spread right to the house,” she says. “Our house is old. It runs on a septic tank. It would have blown … We’re thankful that we’re alive to be honest.”

Waterloo Regional Police are treating both fires as suspicious but cannot confirm if the two are linked.

No one was injured.

Damage to the shed is pegged at $25,000.