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'I'm still shaking': Emotional victim impact statements shared after impaired double-fatal crash in Cambridge


It was an emotional day in court as close to a dozen people read victim impact statements to the man charged with impaired driving in a double-fatal Cambridge crash.

On May 12, 2022, 21-year-old Justin Maurice was driving a Hyundai north on Hespeler Road when it collided with the side of a Toyota that was travelling south. The driver of the Toyota that rolled over was 51-year-old Randy Turenne from Cambridge. Turenne was pronounced dead at the scene.

The passenger in the Hyundai, a co-worker of Maurice’s, 30-year-old Alexander Brown from Pickering, was also killed in the crash.

Maurice was sent to hospital with serious injuries. He faced several charges months later, including two counts of dangerous driving causing death and two counts of impaired operation causing death. His blood alcohol concentration was above 80 mg.

Maurice pleaded guilty.

Missing Randy

Kim Turenne had to relive that traumatic day all over again when she read her victim impact statements in court on Friday.

“It's a blur. I'm still shaking,” Kim told CTV News.

Kim said there hasn’t been a day where she hasn’t missed her husband.

“I miss his hugs. I miss his reassuring presence, his support, his love. It was always there no matter what,” she said, near tears.

The crown asked for a seven to ten year prison sentence. The defence asked for three to five years.

“There needs to be consequences. The public needs to understand that this is not something that is okay for anyone to do,” said Kim.

Kim Turenne stands outside of the Kitchener courthouse after reading her victim impact statement on April 19, 2024. (Heather Senoran/CTV News)

Close to 20 family members, friends and coworkers stood in the packed Kitchener courtroom to read their statements. Many described how full of life Randy was and how much it hurt to lose that.

“[Maurice] chose to drink. He chose to drive. He chose to speed. He didn’t choose to end anyone’s life that night but he did, over a bad decision,” said a friend of Randy’s in court.

Kim said while she’s still grieving, she is also still empathetic.

“If I carry hate forward it's going to continue to consume me,” she admitted.

Kim’s only hope is that Maurice learns from his mistakes.

“I hope that when he gets out, he will do good things because that's what Randy would have done.”

Almost a month after the crash, Kim spoke to CTV News about Randy’s lost wedding ring. He wasn’t wearing it due to work at the time of the crash but she believed it was in the car. She sadly admitted they didn’t end up finding the ring.

Kim and Randy Turenne share a glass of wine at a winery. (Courtesy: Kim Turenne)

New mother grieves

Sabika Kashani was three months pregnant when her husband Alexander Brown was killed.

“Our daughter has been robbed of a father. We were stripped of a chance to be a family,” she said, as she read her statement in court.

Brown asked the judge for justice, calling the “devastating consequences” too painful to bear.

Sabika Kashani and Alexander Brown on their wedding day. (Submitted: Sabika Kashani's family)

Accused speaks in court

Maurice had his head down during most of the victim impact statements. After all of them, Maurice also spoke in court. He called his actions “careless” and showed regret.

“If I could trade my life for theirs, I would … I’m deeply sorry for everything that has happened. There’s no excuse for my actions,” Maurice said, in part.

Maurice said he will make sure nothing like this happens in the future.

Maurice is expected to be sentenced on May 17.

Both families of the victims hope the court process wraps up soon so they can continue on their journey of healing. Top Stories

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