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Searching for Randy’s ring: Family looks for wedding band lost in fatal Cambridge crash


It’s a love story strong enough to last a lifetime, except the rest of it will be written with half of that love now missing.

“Fairy tales did come true,” says Kim Turenne, looking at pictures of her late husband Randy at her home in Cambridge. “It just ended too fast.”

The pair first met at Wilfrid Laurier University in 1989, forming a friendship. Randy went on to study music in the United States.

A talented trumpet player, he performed on cruise ships and casinos, before eventually landing in Florida.

He swore he’d never come back to the snow – but then he reconnected with Kim in 2017.

“[He] came through my front door for the first time in 25 years and kissed me and that was it, we were married a year later,” she recalls.

On their first anniversary, he bought her a large bouquet.

“25 roses for the years we missed and 1 for the first of many,” read the card.

Kim and Randy Turenne share a glass of wine at a winery. (Courtesy: Kim Turenne)

The pair did everything together, from playing darts, to golf, to karaoke.

But it was all taken away last month when a crash in Cambridge took Randy’s life.

The passenger of the other car involved was also killed and the driver was seriously hurt.

Because of Randy’s job, he wasn’t wearing his wedding ring at the time.

“I have a feeling, where he usually put things, was in the centre console of his car, which of course blew apart when he was hit,” Kim says.

It’s that ring – symbolizing their love story – Kim and her family are searching for.

“His wedding ring is exactly like mine. It's just a little bit bigger,” she explains.

Kim holds her wedding ring, which is nearly identical to Randy's. (SpencerTurcotte/CTV Kitchener)

From the crash site, to the auto-wrecking yard where Randy’s car was taken, nobody has been able to find the ring.

But Kim is hopeful someone may have come across it, and is looking to get that piece of her husband back.

“I miss his voice, I miss his hugs, I miss his laugh because he was always smiling and laughing and joking,” she says through tears. “There's so many things.”

Kim is trying to keep that humour alive, referencing Randy’s ties to Florida and hockey.

“I'm cheering for Tampa,” she says through tears. “You didn't have to go to this extent to get me to cheer for Tampa, c'mon.”

Randy and Kim Turenne share a laugh together. (Courtesy: Kim Turenne) Top Stories

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