The community is rallying around a local hockey coach who shaved his head for charity.

Jeff Yuke's wife Reagan was diagnosed with cancer in September 2021.

"My wife had lymphoma," he told CTV News. "It was quite trying on us."

After that experience the couple decided they wanted to help children who were going through a similar situation.

"I realized when I first started my treatment, how hard it was for me as an adult to be going to a local hospital for my treatment," said Reagan. "I thought, if it's draining and hard for me to do this, how terrible it must be for a child."

That's when they teamed up with Scotlands Yard.

The organization is named after a girl named Scotland who was also diagnosed with cancer and had to travel over 20,000 kilometres to get to her appointments.

"As soon as people understand the needs and resources, that our community still needs to help these kids that have cancer to get to their treatments, everyone is like: 'What can I do?'" said Jackie Sieber, with Scotlands Yard.

"We have an incredible cancer centre," added Paul McIntyre Royston, the president and CEO of the Grand River Hospital Foundation. "It's primarily focused on adults. Right now kids, for a lot of the time, actually have to go far away to get some treatment. The long-term vision of Scotland Yards is bring that here."

The Yuke family said the community support for their efforts has been overwhelming.

"Jeff coaches two hockey teams," said Reagan. "His one team, the U-11s, gave him a jar. [They] said we should count it up and in it we saw pennies. These kids have raided their own piggy banks and want to be part of something bigger than themselves."

Jeff's hair will be donated to cancer patients and the money will help out local families.

"It's awesome," said McIntyre Royston. "We've seen the numbers rolling in and I think it's over $13,000. They really want to see him bald! It's fascinating."

The Yukes said this experience has reminded them of the love that surrounds their family.