120 seniors have been temporarily forced out of their units, after fire broke out at a retirement home in Guelph.

The call came in around 3:15 p.m. at the residence on Metcalfe Street.

The fire started in a unit on the 6th floor of the building.

No one was in the unit at the time or was seriously injured.

When firefighters arrived they say the fire alarm was going off and smoke filled the hallways.

The unit has significant fire and water damage.

All of the seniors are currently in a conference room in the building, being examined.

Most of the seniors will likely be allowed to return to their units tonight, except for those directly beside and below the unit where the fire started.

“There were no injuries, right now we have them all on the first floor and Guelph Wellington EMS are triaging them just to make sure everyone is feeling okay. You know there are people that are upset because of the fire but at this time there are no injuries,” said Guelph Fire Deputy Chief John Osborne.

Officials are still trying to determine what caused the fire.