A fundraiser was held at the Westmount Golf and Country Club on Monday, to raise money for a children's cancer centre in Kitchener.

The event, organized by Scotlands Yard, aims to bring cancer treatments closer to home.

The organization is named after a girl named Scotland who was diagnosed with cancer and had to travel over 20,000 kilometres to get to her appointments.

"We met a family whose daughter has cancer, and they have to travel a lot to Hamilton for their treatments and we just figured that with the size of Kitchener-Waterloo and surrounding areas, it was time for this area to have an entire children's cancer centre so they don't have to travel anymore," said event co-chair Carol Channer.

Monday's event included a fashion show and an auction.

"The community has been phenomenal at helping," said Jackie Sieber, the vision realizer for Scotlands Yard. "We've collected… 60 bags. People are just dropping them off on my porch, and in fact, we have had people purchasing brand new designer handbags, so it's really going to be great."

All of the proceeds will support the building of a children's cancer centre at Grand River Hospital in Kitchener.

"Hopefully, in about 10 years when we've raised $50 million, we'll be able to build something that you've never seen before and it's going to be incredible," said Channer.

Scotlands Yard hopes the community continues to help make their vision a reality.