Paul Jankura spent two days this week without water, waiting for a promised and long-delayed visit from a repairman.

“It’s been a nightmare,” he says.

Jankura lives in a townhouse in a new subdivision in southwest Kitchener. He discovered the water issue early one morning, when he realized that his taps and toilets weren’t working.

Colin Moorhead had water issues in his unit too. In his case, the problem was too much water – so much that it started pouring out of the smoke detector.

Eventually, the problem was traced to a frozen drain in a shared utility room.

The townhouses were built by Mattamy Homes. Mark Parsons, who works for the builder, says the utility room has a weak spot in its insulation.

“The severity of the cold has chilled that space to the point where that drain froze,” Parsons says.

The builder plans on adding additional insulation.