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Forensic pathologist testifies at Kitchener murder trial


The forensic pathologist who conducted the autopsy on Melinda Vasilije took the stand Tuesday morning as the trial of Ager Hasan continues into its third week.

The jury previously heard Vasilije was found dead in her County Hill Drive apartment in Kitchener with dozens of stab wounds.

Her ex-boyfriend, Hasan, is charged with second-degree murder in her death.

The autopsy was done on April 28, 2017, the day Vasilije was killed.

Dr. Linda Kocovski performed the autopsy.

She told the jury that a total of 47 stab wounds were found on Vasilije’s body. Kocovski determined the cause of death was multiple stab wounds to the neck and chest.

The stab wounds appeared to be concentrated on her upper body, with 27 of them on her neck, six on her chest and the rest on her face, back and arms.

In particular, Kocovski determined two stab wounds to the chest would have been fatal.

While Hasan has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder, he has pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter.

The Crown did not accept that plea as they continue to try and make their case that Hasan murdered his former girlfriend.


Earlier in the day, the jury heard from Waterloo Regional Police Detective Oliver Ammendolia, who was involved in analyzing electronic devices seized after Hasan’s arrest.

Ammendolia was able to retrieve data from a cell phone and computer hard drive belonging to Hasan.

Among the items found on the phone, were photos and videos showing injured hands. The files were saved in May 2017.

There was also a screenshot of what appears to be e-mail correspondence with Regional Police detective Peter Collison, reading, “If you do contact a lawyer you can have them call me as well.”

In cross-examination, Hasan’s lawyer Scott Reid submitted another video found on the computer hard drive as an exhibit, showing Hasan in a vehicle, pointing out injuries to his left wrist.

That video was put on the computer on May 23, 2017. Top Stories

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