Legal action is now flying in two directions over a Kitchener apartment where a man was killed by his dog.

Andrew Kochut died in late July after his dog attacked him while he was in the midst of an epileptic seizure.

It happened in a Hoffman Street apartment belonging to Kochut’s fiancée, Sabrina Munroe.

A few days later, Munroe received a letter informing her that she was being evicted from the apartment and would be on the hook for $15,000 in cleanup costs.

She hired a paralegal to fight her case, and the landlord has since agreed to cover the cleanup costs.

“We’re quite pleased about that,” says Shaun Harvey, the paralegal.

Munroe says her fight isn’t over, as the landlord is still trying to evict her.

She’s also filed a claim against the landlord at the Landlord and Tenant Board, seeking thousands of dollars in damages.

Specifically, Munroe looking for $6,400 – 60 per cent of her rent from the past year – to make up for maintenance deficiencies she says she was living with. Also included in the claim is $2,000 to replace two mattresses allegedly removed from the apartment without Munroe’s knowledge.

In addition, she’s filed a human rights complaint seeking $15,000 for what Harvey calls “damage to dignity” caused by her being denied access to her apartment after the dog attack.

A City of Kitchener bylaw officer inspected the apartment in late August, finding 23 issues needing to be addressed. According to Harvey, most of those issues “really had nothing to do with the dog incident.”

The paralegal representing the landlord declined to comment on this story, saying he preferred for the issues to be dealt with through the Landlord and Tenant Board.

With reporting by Krista Simpson