As the investigation into the death of a man in a Kitchener apartment building continues, a woman who identifies herself as the man’s girlfriend says she has no doubt he was killed by his dog.

The woman, whose name is Sabrina, says Andrew Kochut is the man who died Thursday afternoon in an apartment on Hoffman Street.

Police have said that the man suffered a medical emergency, during which his dog attacked him. An exact cause of death has not been determined.

According to Sabrina – who says she and one of her children witnessed the entire event – the medical emergency was a seizure, as Kochut was epileptic.

During the seizure, Sabrina says, the dog suddenly became aggressive and attacked Kochut’s throat – something he had apparently never showed any signs of doing during past seizures.

Sabrina says she tried to intervene, but wasn’t able to pull the dog off her boyfriend. After that, she called 911 and started screaming for help.

The dog – described by Sabrina as a boxer/bulldog mix – was taken away from the apartment by the Kitchener-Waterloo Humane Society. An update on its situation was not available before this story was published.