It is the second Monday of the new school year but today is the first "McGuinty Monday"

The slogan, coined by the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario, asks teachers not to take part in any activities outside the classroom today.

The ETFO says the day is a calculated way to send a political message outside the classroom... while not directly affecting learning.

President of local elementary teachers union, Greg Weiler says “It’s not appropriate to take a captive audience and deliver a personal and political message.”

“Standards and ethics in the classroom is regulated by the Ontario college of teachers.  It identifies care, trust, respect and integrity as vital components to the learning experience.  However, it makes no mention of politics.”

The union says policing politics across thousands of classrooms would be difficult.   However, if a student or parent does complain then it would be dealt with at an administrative level.

“We’re not having a disagreement with the local school board.  Teachers are not having a disagreement with administrators, it's not with parents, it's not with students.” says Weiler

Which is a relief to parents as the first, of possibly many, McGuinty Mondays ends.

Parent Karl Spangler says, “Everything seems to be fairly neutral, the kids are very happy.  They love their teachers.  The schools are great.  I haven't seen any effect as of yet.”

At Monday tonight's Waterloo District school board meeting, a report will be discussed which outlines what the board plans on doing as these McGuinty Mondays and other days of action continue.