Jury selection began Monday in Kitchener for a double murder trial.

Glenn Bauman, 45, is accused of killing Linda and Cheyenne Daniel, his former common-law wife and her 13-year-old daughter, nearly eight years ago.

Accused of killing the pair in 2011, he was arrested and charged in the summer of 2016. On Monday morning, he stood and said he was not guilty before the pool of potential jurors.

The judge told them that Bauman allegedly killed the pair on or about July 16, 2011. Court heard it happened in Wellesley Township.

At the time of his arrest in 2016, police searched his property in St. Clements and found remains of the two victims. That August, Bauman was working out west, having moved from Ontario to Alberta. He had been working as a truck driver for a company in the oil fields.

He was arrested in the small town of Valleyview.

A total of 14 jurors will be chosen for the eight-week trial. A list of 40 witnesses was read out, including several officers and experts.

This has been a high-profile case—each of the pool of jurors was asked if they had previously heard or read about it in the media.