A couple is still in hospital after they went overboard while boating near Pottahawk on Lake Erie on Sunday night.

Natosha Busse and Kevin Vandenberg say they were stranded in the water for more than six hours before anyone noticed them.

"It felt like getting charley horses in every single spot in your body," Busse says.

They both had hypothermia and Busse says they are both still having a hard time breathing.

Vandenberg turned around to catch his hat that blew off from the wind when a wave hit the boat and knocked him over it.

"I didn’t know what to do because the boat was drifting away. So I took a life jacket, I didn’t have one on at the time, and I tried to throw it at him," says Busse.

She jumped in to try and save her partner so the pair was forced to tread water to stay alive.

A group of four people finally came to the couple’s rescue.

"We were both just  screaming, waving and everything. And they saw us and pulled us out and after that I kind of blacked out a bit," Vandenberg says.

The people who rescued the couple showed up at the hospital on Wednesday to surprise them.

"I was saying on the way up here, like we don’t even know these people. They’re perfect strangers but it’s like, you feel like there’s an instant bond," says Sheila Pretty, who helped with the rescue. 

Family and friends continue to search for the couple’s dogs, Loki and Levi, who were also on the boat.

"I’m hoping that they’re both okay and they stay together," Busse says.

Police are reminding boaters to always have a whistle and lifejacket on board.