A gun remains unaccounted for following an armed robbery in a Kitchener neighbourhood.

Waterloo Regional Police say the robbery occurred around 12:30 a.m. Monday, near the intersection of Westmount Road and Queen’s Boulevard.

Two people who had been walking in the area told police that they were approached by two other people, one of whom had something that looked like a handgun.

Both groups left the area after some items were handed over, and police moved in to investigate.

One woman told CTV News that she heard a police officer yell that somebody was under arrest about half an hour later, at the intersection of Marlborough and Roxborough avenues.

A man who lived in the area reported seeing eight police cruisers in the neighbourhood around the same time.

Police ended up arresting a 16-year-old Waterloo boy and a 16-year-old Mississauga boy on charges including robbery and possession of stolen property.

While they found the people they believe to be the robbers, the gun that was allegedly used in the holdup remained unaccounted for as of Monday evening.

“It appears that it possibly may have been tossed in a nearby bush or in a garbage can,” police spokesperson Cherri Greeno said in an interview.

Greeno said it is “quite likely” that the gun could be a replica and not an actual handgun. Police want to hear from anyone in the area who finds anything that is or looks like a handgun.

With reporting by Nicole Lampa