A woman was airlifted to hospital Monday after her car was struck by a garbage truck in Conestogo.

It happened north of Waterloo, at the intersection of Northfield Drive and Sawmill Road, around 11:30 a.m.

sawmill northfield waterloo crash garbage truck

The woman's injuries were considered serious.

A nearby public school was briefly put in hold and secure while the Ornge Air Ambulance was landing.

Another person in the car was also taken to hospital with unknown injuries.

The car sustained significant damage.

sawmill northfield waterloo collision garbage car

Police a third vehicle was also involved in the collison but no one inside was hurt.

"The intersection is a signalized intersection and part of our investigation revolves around what traffic signals were doing at the time of impact," says Sgt. Mark Hammer with Waterloo Regional Police.

Some residents call Northfield Drive and Sawmill Road the "need for speed" intersection.

"As soon as someone sees a red light they speed up," explains Bruce Bigney. "It's only been a question of when - not if - this was going to happen. People go through this town, tractor trailers included at 80 to 90 km/h."

Both streets, along with Ferland Avenue, Elgin Street and Evening Star Lane, were shut down for several hours while emergency crews were on scene.