A Waterloo Regional Police officer is facing some serious charges. Constable Christopher Knox was first charged in April with voyeurism and breach of trust. He's now facing another breach of trust count.

"The ongoing investigation and the original charges relate to allegations of an incident in which the officer used a personal electronic device to take a photograph of another individual without that person's consent" says Olaf Heinzel with the Waterloo Regional Police Service.

It's alleged that he took those pictures while on duty.

Knox has been a member of the force for four and a half years. At the time he was working on patrol out of north division in Waterloo. He's currently suspended from duty.

"The alleged action of the officer does not meet the values of our service or what's expected of us by our community" says a statement issued by Police Chief, Matt Torigian.

Heinzel says aside from the criminal proceeding, an internal investigation will also be conducted.

"Our professional standards branch would also be involved at some point…they are obviously aware of this ongoing investigation from the criminal perspective but they will also be looking at the conduct of the officer."

Bruce Tucker, president of the Waterloo Regional Police Association received news of the additional charge Wednesday and will be following the case closely.

"Constable Knox was arrested several months ago. I interviewed him that night and it's unfortunate. It doesn't look good for the service, doesn't look good for the association doesn't look good for him. But we have to have confidence in our court system and let him go through and have his day in court."

Still without a lawyer, Knox's next court date is July 27th.