KITCHENER -- It's Valentine's Day and with lots of singles out there looking for a match, many are turning to their phones for help.

Technology has changed the way that many of us approach relationships and dating, and this is especially true for Generation Z.

With those under the age of 25 the most popular demographic for online dating.

Dating apps are easy and convenient ways to meet people, but some say finding a match online may not be the most genuine connection in all cases.

"When you're in person you can't edit what you say in the way you can online and the way you can with texting," said Gary Foster, professor in the philosophy department at Wilfrid Laurier University,

Up until about the 1800's the majority of people got married for different reasons and romance was not typically the top reason in choosing a spouse.

"For very practical ones. It was more economical," explained Foster.

These days' people go to great lengths to find that love connection.

In fact, every year local matchmaking company Misty River Introductions has about 3,000 clients looking for love.

"We have about a 75 percent match rate for people under 70, once you get over 70 we have an 80 percent success rate," said Linda Miller, CEO of Misty River Introductions.

However, if you decide to hire her team of professional matchmakers, you do have to follow her rules, like no texting during the courting phase.

"People need to have real relationships in real time and texting is very 'hook up'," said miller.

While connections can be made both in person and on a screen, ultimately it's up to the daters to decide.