A double murder plot has thickened as more testimony is given at Glenn Bauman’s trial.

An undercover police officer testified Wednesday about how Bauman finalized plans to kill another officer. That officer was posing as a private investigator looking into the disappearance of Bauman’s common-law wife and her teenage daughter.

Bauman is accused of killing Linda and Cheyenne Daniel in 2011.

Wednesday morning, the undercover officer in the case wrapped up his testimony for the Crown. He described the day before Bauman was arrested, when Bauman was plotting how to get rid of the PI’s body.

The jury heard a recording of Bauman plotting with the undercover officer to get rid of the private investigator’s body by burning it in a barrel.

The undercover officer then testified that he and Bauman drove around looking for barrels. Bauman even discussed scraping the bottom of the barrel for teeth that didn’t burn and dumping them at a gas station garbage bin.

The jury had previously heard testimony from a forensic expert that human teeth were discovered in barrels at the Wellesley Township home where Bauman lived with the Daniels.

At the end of Wednesday’s testimony, the jury watched a video of Bauman finalizing the plan with the undercover officer and ends with Bauman’s arrest.

The jury will be back on Thursday for the undercover officer’s cross-examination by the defence.

Bauman has pleaded not guilty to two counts of first-degree murder.