The Crown’s star witness in the Glenn Bauman double murder trial took the stand Monday.

An undercover officer testified how he befriended the accused to get to the truth behind the disappearance of Bauman’s common-law wife and her teenage daughter.

The jury heard previously that the Crown believes Bauman killed Linda and Cheyenne Daniel at their Wellesley Township home in 2011. Later that year, Bauman moved to Alberta.

In 2016, the Waterloo Regional Police Service tracked him down to the town of Valleyview, where they set up an undercover sting.

The undercover officer testified that he and a group of officers went to Alberta pretending to be with a disaster relief company.

The officer told the jury that, after watching Bauman’s movements, he befriended him at a local bar.

An audio recording of the officer’s second encounter with Bauman was played for the jury Monday. In it, Bauman is heard telling the officer his wife screwed him over and robbed him big time.

The jury will continue to hear recordings from the Crown's witnesses throughout the day Monday.