A stolen vehicle was used to break into a Guelph restaurant, but the attempt to steal the building’s ATM quickly went south, police say.

Guelph Police responded to the Turtle Jack’s restaurant at Woodlawn and Imperial roads around 3:15 a.m. Wednesday.

They say a stolen pickup truck was used to smash the front doors of the restaurant, but the damage caused by the truck prevented the thieves from getting at the ATM.

“They weren’t successful in getting the ATM, but they certainly have caused quite a bit of damage,” restaurant owner David Frid told CTV News.

Damage is estimated at $75,000.

Frid says the building’s vestibule will have to be replaced, as well as part of its outdoor façade.

The restaurant remains open, with its patio entrance used as the main means of entering and exiting the building.

Police say the suspects were last seen leaving the area in a small black car, having left the stolen pickup truck behind.

The owner of that truck, Catherine Johnson, says it was stolen from her parking lot despite being equipped with an alarm.

“It’s not right. People shouldn’t have to worry about waking up in the morning to find their personal possessions gone,” she said.

Similar incidents were reported earlier this year in Guelph, New Hamburg and Brant County, although the thieves were successful in those cases.

Police say it’s too soon to tell if Tuesday’s smash-and-don’t-grab is directly related.