KITCHENER -- The Canadian Forces Snowbirds soared over Waterloo Region and other southern Ontario communities on Sunday after being postponed due to snowy weather.

“Operation: Inspiration” was originally scheduled to take to the skies over Waterloo Region, and many other southern Ontario communities, on Saturday.

The snowbirds announced over Twitter they would not be flying for the day as they ran into low visibility conditions.

Instead, the snowbirds took flight on Sunday morning and made an appearance over Waterloo Region early in the evening.

CTV cameras caught the snowbirds flying over Grand River Hospital and flying towards Cambridge Memorial Hospital.

"Operation inspiration is our salute to our frontline workers throughout Canada for all the efforts they are doing, as well as all Canadians who are doing their part to stop the spread of COVID-19,” says Cpt. Joel Wilson from the snowbirds.

The team saying their priority is to fly over hospitals and also residential areas.

“We prioritized the residential areas to make sure people could stay home and continue to social distance but also hopefully get a show from us,” says Cpt. Wilson.

The snowbirds are scheduled to fly over Sault Ste. Marie on Monday morning before heading to Thunder Bay.

The team is also encouraging people not to travel to watch the show, whenever it takes place.

“We encourage Canadians to observe the flyovers from the safety of their home and refrain from traveling to see the flyovers,” reads a notice on the Snowbirds’ Twitter account.